Program Benefits

Live the Culture and Travel

Trip to costal region of Colombia to experience the beautiful Caribbean life. (3 days 2 night stay)

  • Domestic Return Flight tickes covered from bogota to coast and back.

  • Accommodation covered with breakfast and lunch for your entire stay.

  • Personal guide covered.

  • Transportation to airport and back covered.

Adventure Colombia.

Trip to Cundinamarca region to live and experience an adventure sports activity.

  • Bus transport covered

  • Lunch covered

  • Activity covered with instructions

Airpot pick ups.

We will pick you up from airport as per your arrival date and time in colombia and place you to your selected accommodation

Personal coordinator.

Every batch will be allotted with a personal coordinator who will be available 24/7 for your assistance.

Induction and welcome ceremony.

Welcome ceremony will be conducted to introduce the program and safety instructions during your stay in Colombia.

Visa Support

We cannot apply for visas on behalf of students. However, the University can supply you with all the documentation you need to support your visa application.

Your letter of acceptance will be sent to your email address.

Graduation Ceremony

The graduation ceremony will be conducted in the university at the time of completion of your diploma degree in spanish language.