Success Stories


What I love most about Colombia is not what the country is, but what it brought it in me. I am a braver, kinder and more vibrant Vishakha in Colombia. It made me a better version of myself.


Learning Spanish opened a while new world to me. When one speaks only 1 language, we see the world through that language, and live our lives in that language... learning a new language is gaining new perspective, new insight, unlocking a whole new culture, having access to a whole new world, more music, more food, more dancing, more people, more stories.


I highly recommend it to anyone.

Vishakha Shivkumar


In Colombia you can eat like royalty here. There's so many weird and wonderful fruits and vegetables to discover. Plus you'll never get a small serving of meat!


The cost of living is amazing. Whether it's taking a private taxi everywhere. Grabbing a beer for a buck. Or dining out every day. You can do a lot more for your money.


I love the people. Making new friends is easy. They really are happy people. And enjoy life. Colombians bend over backwards to make you feel at home. They're proud of their country and want you to see the best of it.


Being able to communicate with people in Spanish opens up more options for you. Order what you want in the restaurants. Make new friends in the bars. And get a feel for the authentic Colombian lifestyle. Spanish is the key that unlocks it

Mark Lamont

New Zealand

Spanish skills enable you to meet local people and make friends with other travellers. Learning a foreign language opens many doors to meeting new and exciting people that wouldn't otherwise be possible. Getting to know somebody by communicating with them in their own language is a great way to really get to know that person on a much deeper level than only through communicating with gestures or body language.

learning Spanish language can open doors for you in Colombia I’m an example. I have spent one year learning Spanish language in Colombia, Then I begin to work as a professional doctor.   it has boost by career it made me feel like I am living a new life with new culture.  I highly encourage, if you plan to work in Spanish speakers country you must know how to communicate

Dr Mohib Habibzai



Wow what an impact living abroad and learning Spanish has done in my life. Colombia is now like a second home to me. Life has opened so many new opportunities thanks to the knowledge I’ve learned and the once in a lifetime connections and friendships I have made.


My world has been opened culturally, to understanding a whole new way of looking out into the world and inwardly to reflecting and becoming a whole new version of myself. So many fears go away once you open yourself into the world and Colombia with its deep traditions and loving culture has become a big part of who I call myself today. From dancing, family connections, friendships, and general values, My experience in Colombia has changed my entire life. I wouldn’t choose anywhere else and will absolutely never forget the valuable lessons learned.


I can’t believe I had the opportunity to intern abroad and live in an entirely different country thanks to learning Spanish. The opportunities seem endless now and I am so excited!

Paul Ihrcke


Colombia was welcoming and the cultural shock was quiet incredible but once I got a hold on Spanish, I understood the people well and made friends to even better my Spanish and things got much easier as I found my comfort zone here. People are very friendly and helpful.

I would definitely recommend Colombia to people who want to learn Spanish and I myself found Colombia a very safe country (you just need to be with right people at a right place and then you’ll enjoy the culture and the amazing places which Colombia has).

I personally feel that I developed many qualities here such as self-confidence, groomed myself personally and professionally and learning Spanish opened many job opportunities which this wonderfully diversified country has.

Chinay Khandelwal


Colombia was a humbling, wonderful and life changing experience. I learned a lot about Colombian culture and people. I was able to immerse myself in the culture easily because the Colombian people were so friendly and accommodating. Learning Spanish has also put me in a great position with regards to job opportunities. I have become more culturally sensitive and aware.


Ghana & U.S.A